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Preproduction Visit- What You Can Expect


Sitting Down at the PPVAfter you have joined the Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing family, your next meeting with us is the Preproduction Visit. What this means for you, is that you will meet with David Preece the Production Manager and your Design Specialist to answer any additional questions and finalize the design layout.  You may have questions that you forgot to ask about due to the excitement of doing the original layout, you may want to add additional options to your basement, or just to see when your basement project will start.  

David Preece will take the lead on this visit as he will be the one maintaining and coordinating your project from start to finish.  He explains all the steps involved in the process as well as which team members you will be working with. Throughout the whole basement project, David Preece will keep you up to date on the every step and any changes that may be needed.  If any issues would arise David steps up to the challenge to solve them and continue to move the basement project forward.  

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