Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing Q&A

How is the basement different from the upper levels of the home?

The basement's foundation walls are made of concrete and are below ground causing the basement to naturally have more moisture than the rest of the home. The fact that the basement is underground also means there is a higher risk of water damage or flooding in the basement than in the rest of the home. This is why having moisture and mold resistant products in your basement is a necessity. 

What are the advantages of finishing your basement versus adding an addition to your home?

Typically when you finish your basement, rather than adding an addition to your home, the project will cost less, the construction process is quicker, and the permits can be processed faster. 

What are the benefits when people choose to finance their basement project?

Making monthly payments like you do for your house and cars, makes budgeting easier, and makes the project more affordable for most people. 

What do I do to keep mold from growing in my basement?

Mold requires four things in order to thrive. 1) Moisture, such as humidity in the air 2) An organic food source, such as wood, or the paper on drywall 3) Warmth 4) Oxygen. When you eliminate or limit these, you eliminate or limit the mold's ability to grow. 

Why are our EverLast Walls perfect for the basement?

Our EverLast Walls are moisture and mold resistant. This way when moisture comes through the foundation wall and collects on the back of the wall panel, mold does not grow and ruin the walls. 

Why is our ThermalDry Flooring perfect for the basement environment?

Our ThermalDry Flooring is designed to keep the finished flooring off the concrete, allowing any moisture that is present now, or in the future, to evaporate, rather than be trapped in the space between the flooring and the concrete slab. We offer the ThermalDry Flooring in both LVT (luxury vinyl tile) and LVP (luxury vinyl planks). 

Why shouldn't drywall be used to finish your basement?

The basement naturally has more moisture in it than the rest of the home and is more prone to flooding. Drywall needs to be in a dry environment, otherwise when drywall gets wet or moist, mold has the perfect conditions to grow. When you finish your basement with drywall, there's always the possibility that water could get into the basement and ruin all of the drywall and wood studs. When you finish your basement with our moisture and mold resistant products, you will never have to worry about water damaging your beautiful finished basement! 

Will I be responsible for finding my own electrician and plumber if I finish my basement with Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing?

No, we can take care of that for you. 

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