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Testimonials for Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing

John K. from Cudahy, WI needed more room for his large family, and decided to finish his basement. Buck Buckley Total Basement Finishing was the company he chose for the job. In this video he speaks about his experience as a customer, from the fist design consultation, financing, all through the installation and cleanup process. "They were very friendly, they had a lot of great ideas, they were always communicating with us. From the very beginning of the design, through construction and total finishing."
John K. of Cudahy, WI
Saturday, October 10th
A year before this video was shot, Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing had worked on Bob P.'s basement in Union Grove, WI. While he was happy with the beautiful results, it was only in the next spring that Bob got the proof that when Buck Buckley says waterproof basement finishing, he really means it! After a heavy storm, Bob found a few inches of water in his basement. Worried, he called us and was told to just relax and wait for everything to dry out. Bob did just that, while watching his neighbors dispose of ruined drywall and wet carpet removed from their flooded basements. Just as promised, within two weeks, his entire basement was fully dry, there was no stains, no mold. It looked as if it was never flooded. "You could walk in here and you could never tell we had water, so it is a tremendous value when you need it, and you never know when you'll need it", says Bob.
Bob P. of Union Grove, WI
Tuesday, November 21st
Laurie and Rod B.'s home in New Berlin, WI had a large basement that was mainly being used for storage. It was not a place they could use to entertain or spend some quality time as a family.  When they were ready to finished their basement, they chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for a number of reasons. First because nearby neighbors had their basement finished by the company, and highly recommended them. They were also impressed by how the system looks, its insulation and waterproof capabilities. Knowing that basements are naturally prone to moisture and water accidents, it is good to have a finished basement with walls, ceiling and floors that will not grow mold or be damaged by water and humidity.They were very pleased with the entire experience, from the first visit to the installation crew who did not overlook a single detail requested by the couple and delivered the entire project in two and a half weeks. "Now we have a beautiful basement that we can be proud of!" -- concludes Laurie.
Laurie and Rod B. of New Berlin, WI
Saturday, July 11th
Dan and Nicole have been living in their Waukesha, WI home for over 13 years. As their children grew, they began to think about finishing the basement, to provide the kids with an area to hang out and entertain friends.  They started to look for options and companies to get the job done and found Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing.  "What we liked best is that everything was all inclusive. We wouldn't be hiring out someone to do our flooring, or electrical work, or anything like that. It was all done within this company in a rather timely fashion!" -- says Nicole. "There was no question in our mind that it would be done right. We knew that. With Buck Buckley's it would be done the proper way, with permits and things like that." Their newly finished basement has a family room and a play area with a ping pong table. It is a beautiful, versatile space that the family will enjoy for many years.
Dan and Nicole C. of Waukesha, WI
Tuesday, September 8th
With a third baby on the way. Scott and Jessica N. were looking to finish the basement in their Elkhorn, WI home to add extra living space for their growing family and an apartment for visiting in-laws. Jessica was very pleased with the fact that the company took care of every detail "We didn't have to worry about anything. The plumbing, the electricity, we had moved our washer and dryer downstairs, they took care of everything. " They called a couple of companies and the first one that came up didn't look very professional and trustworthy to the couple. They did some more research online and decided to call Buck Buckley Total Basement Finishing. They were very impressed with the company from the first contact. The design consultation was very thorough and the specialist explained to them every detail. every product feature, the pricing, and they knew exactly what to expect. The crew was very courteous, very clean, provided excellent craftsmanship, and what was more important to them, no mess! They cleaned up after themselves at the end of every single day.  They now have a beautifully finished basement with more than enough room for the children and the in-laws -- but more importantly. with walls, floors and ceiling that will not grow mold or be damaged by humidity and water accidents!
Scott and Jessica N. of Elkhorn, WI
Tuesday, September 8th
  Carolyn and Ross from Evanston, IL wanted to turn their basement in a fun family room. A place to entertain their family and friends. They also wanted to make sure they did it right from the beginning. If they were going to invest in a finished basement, they wanted it to be a space that they will be able to enjoy for as long as they live in the house. They didn't want to have to refinish it again if there was ever a water problem. For that reason they chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing. They had learned about their 100% waterproof basement finishing products during a home show and were pretty much sold on the spot. From that point on, the entire experience they had with the company was extremely positive, including the installation process. "Once we started it was a pretty quick process. We worked with Dan and he came even on the 4th of July weekend, so we were really impressed with that! They got the job done really quick and we were able to enjoy our basement!" -- explains Carolyn.
Carolyn and Ross of Evanston, IL
Thursday, December 17th
In the fifteen years that Timothy and Laurie A. lived in their Northbrook, IL home, their finished basement had flooded three times. The third time, while Timothy carried hundreds of pounds of wet, moldy carpet and drywall out of the ruined and musty-smelling basement, he decided that he needed a change. They wanted a room for their children to spend time in, but finishing the basement with organic and water absorbent materials just wasn't working from them, even when the basement was not being ruined by flood. "It smelled like a basement, full of mildew, even though we tried to use a dehumidifier." With that in mind, they started to research and look for basement finishing options that were both waterproof and mold resistant -- but they also wanted it to look good. That is how they learned about Buck Buckley and Total Basement Finishing products. Timothy was personally pleased with all the attention that they received from the design consultants. Then spent hours with the couple, going over every detail of the project, and answering to every question they had. "They literally sat at our kitchen until midnight on two separate occasions, answering all of our questions, and we had a lot of questions." says Timothy. "I didn't feel like I was being sold at any one point. They showed me the materials, gave me choices."The couple was really impressed with how quick and diligently they worked to finish their basement. While their basement was being finished, they also had another company working on some remodeling projects upstairs. The upstairs work started six months prior to the basement finishing project. Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing delivered an entire finished basement with a complete bathroom in only a fraction of that time.
Timothy and Laurie A. of Northbrook, IL
Tuesday, June 16th
Testimonial Photo by Helen M.
Great work and very helpful. Professionalism was a 10/10!
Helen M. of Lincolnshire, WI, WI
Friday, January 19th
Very communicative about changes to the plan. Changes made the project better electrician made suggestions that improved the project. Inspector said electrical work was very clean. Shawn and his crew were great to work with. Very respectful!
Jim S. of Greendale, WI
Monday, June 17th
Testimonial Photo by Mateo B.
Thank you for the $100 gift card. We are going to try to resist the urge to spend it on diapers and go out to dinner together! We've had a great experience with Lakeside so far and are really impressed with everyone we've worked with. Hope you are well. Thanks Again- Baby Mateo
Mateo B. of Milwaukee, WI
Sunday, September 1st
Our overall experience with Buck Buckley's was excellent. From the time we met Chris for the quote, we were excited about the project. He was honest about the work Buck Buckley's could do, and didn't try to oversell us on anything, in fact, he talked us out of doing some work because it wouldn't look right. When we met Dave for the first time at our final planning meeting, he had some additions to the project, but explained everything very well. When the time came to deliver the materials (which was actually months ahead of schedule) the crew was very accommodating to our schedule and allowed us time to finish the demo and prep the space. Sean did an amazing job on the construction - he was so thorough and detailed, and we could tell he takes a lot of pride in his work. Everything was completed beautifully, and no short-cuts were taken. He even repaired our exterior door (not part of the project, and NOT damaged by him) - twice! He adjusted the main door because it was rubbing when opening and closing, and replaced the storm door closer because it was bent. The electrician Mike spent two Saturdays on our project making sure everything was done to meet our timelines. Brad was very patient with all of our questions and was quick to respond to every text message. We did have a few hiccups in the process, but Brad and the team went above and beyond to make things right for us. We can't wait to use our new space and enjoy it for years to come.
Melissa & Shawn S. of New Berlin, WI
Wednesday, May 4th
Great Job!!
Linda C. of Jackson, WI
Monday, February 5th
We are greatly satisfied with all of the work and all we worked with, Including Chris, Nino, David, and your subs.
Aaron M. of Hartland, WI
Friday, January 26th
Adrien did a great job keeping up with involvement in every step of the way, he takes pride in his work!
Joseph H. of Loves Park, IL
Monday, February 5th
Last June, we got a very hard rain and I didn't realize that our window well was improperly installed so our basement flooded. We did have to rip out our carpet so when a contractor came in to do the removal, he was ready to also rip out the bottom few feet of our walls. I was so happy that I got to tell him, "oh no, you don't have to do that with these walls, they may look like drywall, but they aren't, they are completely waterproof and there is absolutely no reason to rip these walls out!" 
Christian and Karen F. of Skokie, IL
Saturday, May 9th
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