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Testimonials for Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing

Came out real quick... gave us a good price on the flooring... it's worth it to me so I don't have to worry about it (the basement) again...
Don C. of Rockford , IL
Tuesday, October 19th
After two floods, Mr. and Mrs. R. had almost given up on their flood-prone basement space. They would love to be able to use all that space, having two teenagers in need of extra space, but couldn't afford refinishing the basement after each flood, because the finishing materials would get ruined and grow mold. They decided to call a local basement finishing expert to see if there were any options for finishing leaky basements. Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing, a basement remodeling company serving Milwaukee, Rockford, Racine and nearby towns in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois came to their rescue, with a complete line of basement finishing products designed specifically for basements like the one they had. Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing used Total Basement Finishing cement-core basement wall panels (rated R-13 insulation), and 100% waterproof and mold resistant ThermalDry Basement Flooring Tiles to build a beautifully finished basement for Mr. and Mrs. R. With the basement space they have expanded their living capacities and the children will be able to enjoy the room for many years to come, because Total Basement Finishing products will not grow mold or get ruined by the typical basement flood. Visit our website for more information on Total Basement Finishing solutions and how they can transform your wet basement into a healthy and usable living space in just a matter of days!
Mr. and Mrs. R of Rockford, IL
Thursday, October 17th
Kristen C. from Rockton, IL had her basement finished to add extra living space and an extra bedroom for the children. In this video she talks about her reasons to choose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing, and about the kind of customer service she received. "They kept us informed the whole way through. It was good communication.", says Kristen.
Kristen C. of Rockton, IL
Wednesday, June 19th
Gary M. from Belvidere, IL recently had his basement finished by Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing. In this video he speaks about the experience, the products and the results. "They were very professional and the product that they sell is mold and mildew proof", says Gary.
Gary M. of Belvidere, IL
Monday, June 17th
Don D. from Poplar Grove, IL wanted to finish his basement and chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for the job because of the quality of our products. As for the experience, he was particularly impressed with our installer Bob. "He did a great job, and also gave us some great ideas on what to do down here that I have never thought of."
Don D. of Poplar Grove, IL
Wednesday, August 9th
  Leila and Stacey B.'s home in Gilberts, IL was getting a bit small for their growing family. They needed more room for the children, and they wanted a separated bathroom for the teenagers in the house. After looking at several companies, they decided to trust Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing."They seemed to be the most professional and most reasonable for what we wanted to be done in our basement." explains Leila. What really impressed them however was the 100% waterproof wall panels. "They showed us with demonstrations in our sink how the walls do not absorb (water) and turn moldy. I am very highly allergic to mold so that was one of my considerations with what they provided, versus other companies that were just going to use regular drywall" -- she adds. Their entire experience with Buck Buckley's was extremely satisfactory. "We were able to change things and move things around at a last's minute notice and it was completely OK with them. It was good because we were able to get the basement that we actually wanted, which was fantastic!" --- concludes Stacey.
Leila & Stacey B. of Gilberts, IL
Saturday, December 5th
John Z. from Fontana, WI had his basement finished by Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing. According to him the best part about working with the company was that they are a full service company, so he wouldn't have to worry about hiring subcontractors. They also offer a 100% waterproof basement finishing system. "This package did provide for a waterproof basement finishing on our lower level" - says John.
John Z. of Fontana, WI
Monday, June 17th
With a third baby on the way. Scott and Jessica N. were looking to finish the basement in their Elkhorn, WI home to add extra living space for their growing family and an apartment for visiting in-laws. Jessica was very pleased with the fact that the company took care of every detail "We didn't have to worry about anything. The plumbing, the electricity, we had moved our washer and dryer downstairs, they took care of everything. " They called a couple of companies and the first one that came up didn't look very professional and trustworthy to the couple. They did some more research online and decided to call Buck Buckley Total Basement Finishing. They were very impressed with the company from the first contact. The design consultation was very thorough and the specialist explained to them every detail. every product feature, the pricing, and they knew exactly what to expect. The crew was very courteous, very clean, provided excellent craftsmanship, and what was more important to them, no mess! They cleaned up after themselves at the end of every single day.  They now have a beautifully finished basement with more than enough room for the children and the in-laws -- but more importantly. with walls, floors and ceiling that will not grow mold or be damaged by humidity and water accidents!
Scott and Jessica N. of Elkhorn, WI
Tuesday, September 8th
Marcel P. from Burlington, WI decided to finish his basement to provide some extra room for his two growing kids, and the entire family. One of the main reasons why he chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for the job was because they were the only company in WI to install 100% inorganic, water and mold resistant basement wall, flooring and ceiling solutions."Even though we never had any problems with basement water, you never know." -- he explains."The investment that I am putting here, I didn't want it to go down the drain with water and mold and all that stuff." In this video he talks about the experience with Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing staff and services and about how happy he is with his new finished basement. . "It is an amazing job that they did. I'm not just saying it. It is really very comfortable. I'm very thankful for the time that they put in there, all the details that they took. Just amazing work!"
Marcel P. of Burlington, WI
Thursday, October 29th
Scott C. was looking for a company to transform his ugly Antioch. IL basement into beautiful, usable living space, and he chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for the job. How did he like the experience? "The workers that were here were very polite, they knew what they were doing and the management staff responded quickly to any questions and issues that we had", says Scott.
Scott C. of Antioch, IL
Wednesday, June 19th
In the fifteen years that Timothy and Laurie A. lived in their Northbrook, IL home, their finished basement had flooded three times. The third time, while Timothy carried hundreds of pounds of wet, moldy carpet and drywall out of the ruined and musty-smelling basement, he decided that he needed a change. They wanted a room for their children to spend time in, but finishing the basement with organic and water absorbent materials just wasn't working from them, even when the basement was not being ruined by flood. "It smelled like a basement, full of mildew, even though we tried to use a dehumidifier." With that in mind, they started to research and look for basement finishing options that were both waterproof and mold resistant -- but they also wanted it to look good. That is how they learned about Buck Buckley and Total Basement Finishing products. Timothy was personally pleased with all the attention that they received from the design consultants. Then spent hours with the couple, going over every detail of the project, and answering to every question they had. "They literally sat at our kitchen until midnight on two separate occasions, answering all of our questions, and we had a lot of questions." says Timothy. "I didn't feel like I was being sold at any one point. They showed me the materials, gave me choices."The couple was really impressed with how quick and diligently they worked to finish their basement. While their basement was being finished, they also had another company working on some remodeling projects upstairs. The upstairs work started six months prior to the basement finishing project. Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing delivered an entire finished basement with a complete bathroom in only a fraction of that time.
Timothy and Laurie A. of Northbrook, IL
Tuesday, June 16th
  Carolyn and Ross from Evanston, IL wanted to turn their basement in a fun family room. A place to entertain their family and friends. They also wanted to make sure they did it right from the beginning. If they were going to invest in a finished basement, they wanted it to be a space that they will be able to enjoy for as long as they live in the house. They didn't want to have to refinish it again if there was ever a water problem. For that reason they chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing. They had learned about their 100% waterproof basement finishing products during a home show and were pretty much sold on the spot. From that point on, the entire experience they had with the company was extremely positive, including the installation process. "Once we started it was a pretty quick process. We worked with Dan and he came even on the 4th of July weekend, so we were really impressed with that! They got the job done really quick and we were able to enjoy our basement!" -- explains Carolyn.
Carolyn and Ross of Evanston, IL
Thursday, December 17th
A satisfied Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing customer speaks about his experience with the company.  
Chris and Kari L. of Ixonia, WI
Monday, August 13th| 1-260-624-4312 Pam F. has a growing family and decided to finish the basement in their Waterford, WI home to create extra bedrooms for the children and for guests. They chose Buck Buckley' s Total Basement Finishing because according to Pam, their main concern was to build s dry and mold-free finished basement and the company was the only one providing 100% waterproof products. Pam is very happy with her newly finished basement and with the service provided by the company from beginning to end.
Pam F. of Waterford, WI
Friday, December 11th
These homeowners from Waterford, WI have two teenager daughters who needed some space to comfortably hang out with their friends. The couple chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing to finish their basement for the girls. In this video, they talk about the reasons for their choice. "The best part of working with Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing was the design. The design Corey came up with far surpassed anything that I had imagined for that space", says Mark.
Mark and Agnieszka D. of Waterford, WI
Friday, October 19th
The Dave and Dan did an excellent job in taking care "of" customer's materials and listened to the customer very well. 
Rakesh V. of Rockford, IL
Friday, July 22nd
Dave and Dan did an excellent job in taking care of the customer's materials and listened to the customer very well. They both meet my expectations! 
Rakesh V. of Rockford, IL
Friday, July 22nd
We are very happy with our basement. The whole experience was great. David kept us informed on the project plans and dates and the installation team cleaned up after each day of work. Highly recommended! 
Kristen C. of Rockton, IL
Tuesday, April 10th
Everyone was fantastic to work with!
Denise P. of Walworth, WI
Wednesday, September 2nd
The work was professionally done and exceeded our expectations. The installation crew was very considerate of our needs and tried to meet our expectations. 
John Z. of Fontana, WI
Monday, June 4th
Our basement has gone from storage space to living space over night, we appreciate it a lot. The product is great and the service was excellent. Buck does a wonderful job of making friends and creating a great environment.
Bob T. of Crystal Lake, IL
Sunday, September 11th
Buck, Maria and I want to thank you for everything that you've done for us specially for understanding our position on all corners of the process.You have been very honest all the way and you made us very comfortable in every way. We look forward of discussing future business matters with your company only if you are still the Company's front man. We Thank You Again and God Bless.
Mr. a. of Wonder Lake, IL
Wednesday, May 19th
Thanks again for all your help and putting up with all my questions!!! We love the finished product and can't wait to show it off!! 
Sharon and Terry A. of Lake Geneva, WI
Monday, February 19th
Excellent experience! All the workers were professional and courteous! They did a great job!
John S. of McHenry, IL
Friday, May 26th
First class experience!!
Paul K. of Wauconda, IL
Monday, December 10th
Bob (Schepp) - Thank you so much for everything! You expertise, additional ideas and special touches could not be more appreciated.  We never trusted anyone’s opinion more than yours. Whether it was the other guys or ourselves wanting to do something, it was always talk to Bob first. Thank you for being that guy.  You know your amazing, right? We will and have already missed you, always cheerful good morning. Everything is beautiful and more than we hoped for thanks to you!
Robert J. of Rosemont, IL
Tuesday, June 28th
My husband and I recently purchased a new home and quickly found out that it has moisture problems and the entire finished basement has mold growing on it. We have not been able to move our belongings into the home yet because of it so I contacted Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing. Even though I wasn't ready to move forward with my basement just yet, but still wanted to have the SaniDry installed in the basement to help with the moisture problems. David Peerce went above and beyond for us and delivered the SaniDry to our home and installed it for us and we love it! 
Geoff and Crystal S. of Trevor, WI
Friday, May 25th
Nothing but happy with our experience. We received great service from start to finish. 
John & Mindy S. of Trevor, WI
Friday, August 2nd
Testimonial Photo by Tim A.
I have owned my Chicago North Shore home for 16 years. The water table is high around here, and in that time, my basement has flooded 3 times. Each time I took steps to stop the water seepage and leak source and thought I was done, but didn't quite get it all. The first flood was knee deep, the second flood was ankle deep (hey, we're making progress) and the third time it was just squishy carpets. Having finally found the very last hidden foundation crack and professionally sealing it after the third flood, I was faced with remodeling the entire basement for yet a third, and what I swore would be the last, time ever. I also swore I would never put myself in the position of having to rip out soaking wet smelly heavy carpeting and padding, or any other mold attracting organic material in my basement again. (Big tip here - Never, as in NEVER use drywall in your basement, it's just a mold bomb waiting to go off). I was on a bit of a manic crusade on this 3rd rebuild, and I spent a lot of time researching basement waterproofing systems and technologies so I could do it right. I wanted somebody who shared my water and dampness-hating philosophy and I finally found it when I came across Buck Buckley Total Basement Finishing. They had the waterproofing floor system I wanted, the waterproofing and anti-mold wall system I wanted, and they even had the professional quality air treatment machine to keep it that way. Everything the company offered was exactly in keeping with my goals of this third basement rebuild. Then, my wife intervened, and said as long as were doing it right, could we please add a new basement bathroom that she had been asking for years. It turned out, TBF could do this too, and the total cost for building a brand new bathroom where nothing but naked concrete floor originally stood was very reasonable compared to other contractors. All the work was done on time as promised. All the workers were great, clean-conscious, and friendly. The resulting basement is perfect, and for the first time since owning this house, I no longer worry when it rains. The basement has gone from a place not generally used, to one of the most popular places in the house. Highly recommended, would use them again in a heartbeat, and if you get the boys from Wisconsin they are all "Wisconsin nice" and you feel very good about doing business with them.
Tim A. of Northbrook, IL
Friday, April 10th
Last June, we got a very hard rain and I didn't realize that our window well was improperly installed so our basement flooded. We did have to rip out our carpet so when a contractor came in to do the removal, he was ready to also rip out the bottom few feet of our walls. I was so happy that I got to tell him, "oh no, you don't have to do that with these walls, they may look like drywall, but they aren't, they are completely waterproof and there is absolutely no reason to rip these walls out!" 
Christian and Karen F. of Skokie, IL
Saturday, May 9th
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