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Basement Transformation A Perfect Blend of Leisure and Productivity in Lincolnshire, IL

The homeowner, having owned the 12-year-old residence for a decade, is contemplating a significant upgrade to their basement space. Currently unfinished, the basement holds potential for a multifunctional transformation. The homeowner expressed concerns and aspirations during the call, outlining the desire for a living room, bathroom, and the possibility of an office. The basement currently serves as a hockey practice area for the kids, and the homeowner is considering reconfiguring the space to accommodate various needs.

Basement Finishing: For Comfort and Entertainment in Kenosha, WI

The homeowner and her family have called their home their own since 2008, and they're ready to transform their unfinished basement into a more functional and enjoyable space. With the basement already roughed for a bathroom and featuring an egress window, the homeowner envisions creating a luxurious retreat that includes a much-desired bathroom as well as a dedicated theater room. The project aims to enhance their lifestyle by adding both convenience and entertainment value to their home. With a total area of 589 square feet, the basement will undergo a significant transformation, turning into a large open concept space with a separate theater room. The plan includes installing a new floor and ceiling to complete the modern and comfortable look they desire.

Summer Serenity Crafting a Comfortable Basement Haven in Grayslake, IL

As the journey unfolds into their new Grayslake home, the anticipation for a summer remodel takes center stage for this family. With the basement currently unfinished but primed with completed plumbing for a bathroom, their vision extends beyond practicality to creating a space that resonates with comfort and functionality.

Basement Remodeling: With Character in Shorewood, WI

Seeking a quote for a comprehensive basement finishing project, The homeowner envisions a transformative journey for their home. Having owned the residence since August 2021, they are eager to convert their unfinished basement into a well-designed and functional space.


The proposed plan involves creating a long hallway that ingeniously navigates around mechanical elements, ultimately leading to the back half on the west side. Here, the vision is to establish an open and versatile space that can serve various purposes.


The project specifications outline a 582 sq. ft. area encompassing the unavoidable hallway and a designated rec room. The aesthetic touches include a painted ceiling and plank flooring for the hallway, while the rec room is designed with painted walls, a painted ceiling, and a warm pecan plank floor. This meticulous approach ensures a harmonious blend of functionality and style, turning the basement into a welcoming and purposeful extension of the home.

Basement Remodel with Bathroom and Slop Sink Installation: In Twin Lakes, WI

The homeowners, who have owned the home for 2 years and found us online, are remodeling their unfinished basement to include a family room, a bathroom (rough-in done), and additional storage. The project also includes the installation of a slop sink (rough-in done), wood laminate flooring, walls, ceiling, utility area separation, a dry-bar with a mini-fridge, and more overhead lights and electrical outlets. The 443 square foot open concept space will feature a customer-provided floor. Originally, the project included a full bath, but this was removed to stay within budget. The redesign to an open concept space was well-received, allowing the customers to possibly phase the bathroom in the future. The project was completed within their budget, and the customers were extremely happy with the outcome, rating the project with all fours and fives on the survey.