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Complete Remodeling System Customer Testimonial from Bob P. in Union Grove, WI

A year before this video was shot, Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing had worked on Bob P.'s basement in Union Grove, WI.

While he was happy with the beautiful results, it was only in the next spring that Bob got the proof that when Buck Buckley says waterproof basement finishing, he really means it!

After a heavy storm, Bob found a few inches of water in his basement. Worried, he called us and was told to just relax and wait for everything to dry out.

Bob did just that, while watching his neighbors dispose of ruined drywall and wet carpet removed from their flooded basements. Just as promised, within two weeks, his entire basement was fully dry, there was no stains, no mold. It looked as if it was never flooded.

"You could walk in here and you could never tell we had water, so it is a tremendous value when you need it, and you never know when you'll need it", says Bob.

- Bob P. of Union Grove, WI
Tuesday, November 21st