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  Carolyn and Ross from Evanston, IL wanted to turn their basement in a fun family room. A place to entertain their family and friends. They also wanted to make sure they did it right from the beginning. If they were going to invest in a finished basement, they wanted it to be a space that they will be able to enjoy for as long as they live in the house. They didn't want to have to refinish it again if there was ever a water problem. For that reason they chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing. They had learned about their 100% waterproof basement finishing products during a home show and were pretty much sold on the spot. From that point on, the entire experience they had with the company was extremely positive, including the installation process. "Once we started it was a pretty quick process. We worked with Dan and he came even on the 4th of July weekend, so we were really impressed with that! They got the job done really quick and we were able to enjoy our basement!" -- explains Carolyn.
Carolyn and Ross of Evanston, IL
Thursday, December 17th
Mike & Shelene C. from Kenosha, WI wanted to finish their basement so that their grandmother who lives with the couple, could enjoy the privacy of having her own living quarters. They chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing because it was the only company offering insulated, 100% waterproof and mold-resistant finishing materials which are built to last. Now grandma can enjoy her golden years in the privacy of her own beautiful, healthy and comfortable basement apartment! Shelene's favorite part about working with Buck Buckley was the people. "They're very professional, on time did a real great job!", says Shelene.
Mike & Shelene c. of Kenosha, WI
Monday, October 23rd
Kyra F. from Kenosha, WI wanted to finish her basement to create an apartment for her aging parents, who live with her, so that everyone could enjoy some privacy. Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing was the company chosen for the job. And here's what Kyra has to say about the experience: "The guys that were here were awesome. Very professional, very friendly. They actually gave me advice on other parts of the house too, so that was awesome!"
Kyra F. of Kenosha, WI
Friday, October 19th
Kim and Richard Z. from Racine, WI always wanted to finish their basement but postponed it for years because they knew basements are prone to water accidents and mold. They didn't want to invest in a project that could eventually get ruined by a plumbing leak or similar incident. When they first learned of Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing and the 100% waterproof and mold resistant products they decided that it was time to finally get the basement finishing project started.They are quite satisfied with the quality of the service they received, and the professionalism, kindness and cleanliness of the installation crew. They are also very happy with the finished basement. "We're very happy with the finished product. I think it looks really nice and it turned out very well" -- says Kim.
Kim & Richard of Racine, WI
Saturday, November 14th
  With another child on the way, Adam B. decided to move his home office to the basement of his Sturtevant, WI home, to make room upstairs for the newest family member. He chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for the job because after looking at all the available options, he concluded that the company had the most complete solutions for basement finishing and they were all waterproof and mold resistant. In this video, Adam talks about his experience with us."They were very good at communicating all the steps and what was going to happen, and when. And it was always exactly what we wanted!"
Adam B. of Sturtevant, WI
Scott C. was looking for a company to transform his ugly Antioch. IL basement into beautiful, usable living space, and he chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for the job. How did he like the experience? "The workers that were here were very polite, they knew what they were doing and the management staff responded quickly to any questions and issues that we had", says Scott.
Scott C. of Antioch, IL
Wednesday, June 19th
When Paul and Melanie moved into their new Oak Creek, WI home, the basement was unfinished They looked at it as a large area with plenty of potential, that was being underutilized. The couple's four kids could use a play room, and the parents themselves would like a place to exercise -- but their unfinished basement was only suitable for storage. They considered many options, including finishing the basement themselves using conventional materials like wood frame, fiberglass insulation and drywall.  While doing their research they learned about Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing, and the basement finishing products they offer. "As we read about their methods and how they finish it, we really liked the idea that we could put in something that would withstand what our children could throw at it, and what the weather could throw at it." explains Paul.  They were concerned about the possibility that snow melt after the typically snowy Wisconsin winter would eventually cause basement leaks, and mold problems.  They didn't want to have to refinish the basement several times over the years. With Total Basement Finishing wall, ceiling and flooring solutions they will never have to worry about any of it, because all of our products are 100% waterproof and mold resistant. They will never get ruined by water and, being 100% made with inorganic materials, they will not support mold growth. "The peace of mind that comes with knowing that we won't have to re-invest a ton of money in fixing something because we did it right the first time, is really quite nice!" Melanie is specially happy with how quickly the basement was completely finished, from the time they decided to have it done. 
Paul & Melanie I. of Oak Creek, WI
Wednesday, December 17th
Dennis K. and his wife were thinking about building an addition to add some living space to their Oak Creek, WI home. Yet, they soon realized that the use they would be getting of the new space wouldn't justify the cost of building the addition.  Instead, they decided that finishing the basement would be the sensible alternative for the family and hired Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for the job. In this video, Dennis speak about his experience with the company, from the first contact in a home show, all the way through design and installation. "If you use these product and this company to do your basement, you'll be nothing but happy for the rest of your life!" -- says Dennis.
Dennis . of Oak Creek, WI
When came the time for Larry D. to finish the basement in his Oak Creek, WI home, he chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for the job because they were the only company in the area offering a 100% waterproof and mold resistant basement finishing system -- and at a price that was very competitive compared to the competition! "They were really there for us through the entire project and we really love how our basement turned out!", says Larry.
Larry D. of Oak Creek, WI
Tuesday, November 7th
John K. from Cudahy, WI needed more room for his large family, and decided to finish his basement. Buck Buckley Total Basement Finishing was the company he chose for the job. In this video he speaks about his experience as a customer, from the fist design consultation, financing, all through the installation and cleanup process. "They were very friendly, they had a lot of great ideas, they were always communicating with us. From the very beginning of the design, through construction and total finishing."
John K. of Cudahy, WI
Saturday, October 10th
Sara E. from Cudhady, WI wanted to have a finished basement where the whole family could spend time doing the things that they enjoy the most.She chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing because they had the best, 100% waterproof finishing solutions for wall, ceiling and floors. She is really happy with her new basement. "Frankly, it is our happy place. Everything that we enjoy doing is represented in this basement.", says Sara. She was also very happy with the work performed by the carpenter assigned to the project. "He was always happy when he was here, and he did fabulous work.", she concludes. .
Sara E. of Cudhady, WI
Friday, January 20th
The basement in Chuck S.'s St. Francis, WI home was ruined by a leaky oil tank and he called Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for help restoring and refinishing. Watch as Chuck speaks of the quality of service and customer care he received. "They were very prompted, they were here every day once they started, and finished the job ahead of schedule", says Chuck.
Chuck S. of St. Francis, WI
Saturday, July 8th
A year before this video was shot, Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing had worked on Bob P.'s basement in Union Grove, WI. While he was happy with the beautiful results, it was only in the next spring that Bob got the proof that when Buck Buckley says waterproof basement finishing, he really means it! After a heavy storm, Bob found a few inches of water in his basement. Worried, he called us and was told to just relax and wait for everything to dry out. Bob did just that, while watching his neighbors dispose of ruined drywall and wet carpet removed from their flooded basements. Just as promised, within two weeks, his entire basement was fully dry, there was no stains, no mold. It looked as if it was never flooded. "You could walk in here and you could never tell we had water, so it is a tremendous value when you need it, and you never know when you'll need it", says Bob.
Bob P. of Union Grove, WI
Tuesday, November 21st
 Bob and Yvonne P. from Union Grove, WI wanted to transform their large basement, which for over 20 years was used exclusively for laundry and storage, into a nice finished room they could enjoy with their family and friends.  They chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for the job and in this video they explain why. They also speak about the experience they had with the company and staff. "They made us feel very much a part of the family." - says Yvonne.
Bob and Yvonne P. of Union Grove, WI
Friday, December 23rd
    Vicki W.' s basement in Franklin, WI was in pretty bad shape. Two finished walls were completely ruined by water and mold and needed to be removed. After the removal she wanted to refinish it into a recreation room to enjoy with her family.  She chose Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing for the job because they were the only ones in the area offering a wall product that was 100% waterproof, able to withstand moisture and wouldn't support mold growth. The fact that the  finishing material also provided some level of sound proofing was icing on the cake.  In this video she speaks about her experience with the company, the quality of the service provided, and the results.  "The best thing about working with Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing was how conscientious they were, good, hard working and did a really good job!"
Vicky W. of Franklin, WI
Thursday, December 21st
Testimonial Photo by Tim A.
I have owned my Chicago North Shore home for 16 years. The water table is high around here, and in that time, my basement has flooded 3 times. Each time I took steps to stop the water seepage and leak source and thought I was done, but didn't quite get it all. The first flood was knee deep, the second flood was ankle deep (hey, we're making progress) and the third time it was just squishy carpets. Having finally found the very last hidden foundation crack and professionally sealing it after the third flood, I was faced with remodeling the entire basement for yet a third, and what I swore would be the last, time ever. I also swore I would never put myself in the position of having to rip out soaking wet smelly heavy carpeting and padding, or any other mold attracting organic material in my basement again. (Big tip here - Never, as in NEVER use drywall in your basement, it's just a mold bomb waiting to go off). I was on a bit of a manic crusade on this 3rd rebuild, and I spent a lot of time researching basement waterproofing systems and technologies so I could do it right. I wanted somebody who shared my water and dampness-hating philosophy and I finally found it when I came across Buck Buckley Total Basement Finishing. They had the waterproofing floor system I wanted, the waterproofing and anti-mold wall system I wanted, and they even had the professional quality air treatment machine to keep it that way. Everything the company offered was exactly in keeping with my goals of this third basement rebuild. Then, my wife intervened, and said as long as were doing it right, could we please add a new basement bathroom that she had been asking for years. It turned out, TBF could do this too, and the total cost for building a brand new bathroom where nothing but naked concrete floor originally stood was very reasonable compared to other contractors. All the work was done on time as promised. All the workers were great, clean-conscious, and friendly. The resulting basement is perfect, and for the first time since owning this house, I no longer worry when it rains. The basement has gone from a place not generally used, to one of the most popular places in the house. Highly recommended, would use them again in a heartbeat, and if you get the boys from Wisconsin they are all "Wisconsin nice" and you feel very good about doing business with them.
Tim A. of Northbrook, IL
Friday, April 10th
Our new finished basement looks great, we really like the clean and neutral look. We are happy we don't have to be disappointed with the damage that are floods have caused the last two or three years here. Buck and Bob did a great job communication and being flexible with our schedule. They did everything they could to accommodate what we wanted and answer our questions. We are really happy with how the whole thing came out.
Mr and Mrs. R. of South Milwaukee, WI
Saturday, June 18th
Couldn't be happier - GREAT JOB! 
Cindy & Don S. of Caledonia, WI
Tuesday, May 25th
My husband and I recently purchased a new home and quickly found out that it has moisture problems and the entire finished basement has mold growing on it. We have not been able to move our belongings into the home yet because of it so I contacted Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing. Even though I wasn't ready to move forward with my basement just yet, but still wanted to have the SaniDry installed in the basement to help with the moisture problems. David Peerce went above and beyond for us and delivered the SaniDry to our home and installed it for us and we love it! 
Geoff and Crystal S. of Trevor, WI
Friday, May 25th
Dad never had the strength to see what a beautiful job yall did on the basement, but my mother did. She began to cry when she saw it and couldn't believe what a beautiful job your team did! 
Shawna S. of Milwaukee, WI
Tuesday, August 13th
Jim spends a lot of time in the basement and now its a lot warmer as well as dryer.  Thanks, 
Catherine D. of Bayside, WI
Tuesday, March 3rd
Bob was fantastic! He's a real pro and we are very happy with his work! 
Jeff S. and Lisa H. of Bayside, WI
Thursday, January 10th
We just had our basement done by Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing they did an amazing job! The crew was wonderful, they were neat, kind, and friendly. We just absolutely love our newly finished basement.
Traci S. of Glendale, WI
Thursday, September 8th
Dan did a great job. Started before expected and finished on time. 
Samantha and Roger R. of Wauwatosa, WI
Thursday, May 27th
We received 18 inches of water in our basement which devastated it. The entire basement had to be gutted. Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing is the only contractor I called. They did a wonderful job, the workers restored our basement to like we have never had it before.
Dominic S. of Brown Dear, WI
Thursday, September 8th
We are so excited and thrilled with our brand new basement from Buck Buckleys Total Basement Finishing! Everyone from the office staff, to David, to all the contractors were amazing.
Logan & Melissa G. of Milwaukee, WI
Wednesday, January 16th
Thanks for the great service! :) 
Pam F. of Waterford, WI
Wednesday, October 29th
For years we have experienced issues with a chronically damp basement. Recently, with a plumbing incident we were forced to take bigger action.  My wife and I have been searching for a system to keep our basement rec room dry and as comfortable as the upstairs. We have our exercise equipment in the rec room and we use it daily. I have sold insurance for the last 40 some years. As such, I have been in hundreds of homes and commercial properties. I have never seen a system that comes close to taking away the dampness.  So when Chuck introduced the system, I was very skeptical as to whether it would address the problem. We checked out the system pretty thoroughly before we had it installed.  Everything checked out and we decided to proceed with the purchase and installation. Once installed, almost immediately we noticed a difference. We have had the system installed for almost two months, WOW! I can’t believe it, now you can’t tell any air difference between the upstairs and downstairs! It didn’t take the company long to install it. A very efficient system. I have never seen a system that comes close to taking away the dampness, even in the most expensive and well built homes!  We are very thankful Chuck brought the SaniDry system to our attention. We could have spent thousands of dollars on a different product that probably would not have done the job for us. We would recommend it to anyone! 
LeRoy and Lori H. of Mequon, WI
Tuesday, September 8th
Buck Buckley's Total Basement Finishing offers something no one else has and we are very happy with the finished product. We are really happy when we come down the stairs, it is brighter and warmer. We are really happy with the way our finished basement turned out.
John and Diane R. of Waukesha, WI
Thursday, September 8th
Our experience with Buck Buckley's TBF was positive. The project was completed on time and they were good with communicating the status and answering our questions throughout the project and even after completion.  They stand behind their work and the guarantees provided are hard to beat in the basement finishing industry.
C. and M. J. of Waukesha, WI
Friday, December 19th
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