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Pool in the basement in Waukesha, WI

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 by David Preece

We received a call from Tom and Sharon, a couple from Waukesha, Wisconsin.

They expressed a concern that many of our clients share, they had space in their home that was being under-utilized and they were looking for a solution that would give them a clean, safe, inviting, space where friends and family could gather.

They felt, however, that their situation was unique and required an expert. It turns out they were correct.

Tom and Sharon live in a home that not only has under-utilized basement space, some of which was finished years ago with wood paneling, but it also has an in-ground pool in the basement that had not been used in over 2 years. Big Pool in basement that homeowner wants gone

Since the pool takes up a lot of space, and costs a small fortune to maintain and heat, they wondered if it would be possible to fill it in and use the pool area as living space instead.

Thankfully, at Buck Buckley’s suggestion and the home owners, the pool did not have to be filled in, and we were able to build over the pool area and create a subfloor for the nearly 900 square foot area.

As you might imagine, a project of this scope can be challenging to wrap ones head around, but with the help of company president, Scot “Buck” Buckley, the Tom and Sharon were able to determine that if they broke down the project into 2 phases, it would, in fact, be very feasible.

Once Buck was able to determine exactly what Tom and Sharon were hoping to accomplish, he was able to formulate a plan to help them get exactly what they were looking for.

Their goal was to create a massive room where they could host large parties, entertain for the holidays, and spend time with family and friends, a space with multiple seating areas, a bar, and perhaps a large television/theater area.

It was determined that the first step  would be to remove the wood paneling and framing that had been subjected to years of high moisture and pool chemicals. We also ran all of the rough electrical in preparation for the finishing of the space and installed a Sani Dry dehumidification system which will keep the air clean and dry.

This was accomplished by spanning the pool with 2 x 12 joists although 2 x 10 would have worked, we wanted to make sure we were over-engineered for a better end result.  Around the pool deck, we needed to shave the 2 x 8 joists to account for the pitch so that we ended up with a level surface. (of course, all lumber coming into contact with the concrete was treated)

We were then able to utilize 4 x 8 sheets of “Silent Floor” tongue and groove OSB for the sub floor.There is a pool under that floor!

Now that phase 1 and all of the prep work is complete, we are ready to move on to phase 2.  

In phase 2, when the walls and ceiling are added, Tom and Sharon will choose the finished flooring for this space as well. The bar area will get our thermal dry tiles, and the rest is still to be determined.

All of the walls, flooring, ceiling, trim, crown molding, doors, and doorknobs will all be made out of waterproof and mold-proof materials, and Tom and Sharon are elated that we offer a 50 year warranty wall system as well. 

Tom and Sharon are thrilled with what has been accomplished so far, and are anxious to begin the next phase as soon as possible.