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Basement Remodeling Gallery Case Studies: Wow Service in Lake Geneva, WI

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 by Kayla Holzbauer


On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, Southeastern Wisconsin was under a flood warning due to receiving over 10 inches of water in some areas!  The morning of July 12, many homeowners found themselves waking up to flooded yards, roads, and BASEMENTS!  One of those homeowners, Karen M., happened to be a loyal previous customer of Buck Buckley’s Total Basement Finishing.

This customer had her basement finished with our mold, moisture, and waterproof materials and even had a Sani-Dry placed in her basement.  Brilliant! Her basement is still in wonderful shape!  But, the customers also built another home.  They were talked into finishing that basement with drywall by their builder. With the rain and flooding, the new houses finished basement got water into it.  Go figure, water in a basement!  So, this left her frantically dealing with trying to get the water out.  



At 3 pm on July 12, Buck got a call from her.  Her first comment was “We need another Sani-Dry; Can you do it?!” Buck told her, “Absolutely!” Buck dropped everything here, and Buck had his Delivery crew of Nick and Kayla on the way to their home with a Sani Dry on hand.  The customer said, “I should have called you 5 hours earlier!”

By 6 pm on July 12, these customers in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin received WOW Service from Buck Buckley’s Total Basement Finishing and had a new Sani-Dry;  A Sani-Dry that collects 13.75 gallons of water a day – yes, in ONE day!  They installed the Sani-Dry and were on the way to having a dry basement.

Think about that; You are placing drywall into a swimming pool that you call your basement.  Karen knows drywall is not the right material unless you want to do it again.  Go ahead, finish your basement in drywall; and when it leaks, not floods, and your drywall is soaking up water like ‘Sponge Bob’, call us just like Karen did. We are serious about basements and we go to people who know about their industries to get answers.  Guess what, I am one of those people who know more about basements than anyone.  Our passion is here, as Karen M. knows.

There is no dehumidifier better than the Sani-Dry Sedona.  This is a miracle machine.

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